Efficient Database Replication with Dataddo

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Dreaming of a reliable, cost-efficient, and comprehensive solution to replicate data between storages? Look no further than Dataddo.

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Reach Your Goals with Database Replication

Database replication is the backbone of modern data-driven enterprises. It's the secret sauce that empowers you to:

Support Analytics & Reporting

Sync only the data you need from your main database to a data warehouse dedicated for analytics workloads.

Enhance Data Availability & Democratization

Ensure critical data is accessible 24/7 by the people who need it, even in case of downtime. Empower every team to make data-informed decisions.

Boost Performance

Distribute data across multiple servers to enhance query performance, reduce load, and accelerate response times.

Enable Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your data from system failures and corruption by creating copies.

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Challenges of Database Replication

Complex Setup

Intricate network and server configurations can be daunting, and require time and expertise, especially when implementing efficient CDC strategies.

Data Consistency

Ensuring data consistency across replicas, especially in distributed environments, can be a headache.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Continuous monitoring and management of replication processes puts a high demand on engineering resources.


Your Ultimate Data Replication Partner

Here's why Dataddo stands head and shoulders above other replication tools:

Quick Integration

Dataddo quickly integrates with a wide range of data sources and destinations, including popular databases, cloud services, and analytics platforms. Dataddo will fit easily into your existing data stack and support growth as it expands.


 Effortless Monitoring & Maintenance

With Dataddo's robust monitoring and alerting features, you can keep tabs on replication health and performance without breaking a sweat.  Embedded monitoring, alerting, and anomaly detection features ensure your data is replicating as it should, so there’s no need to worry about data inconsistencies or duplications. And fully managed pipelines mean that you save time and money on data engineering costs. Don't worry about API changes - we have it covered.

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User-Friendly Interface

Say goodbye to complex setups! Dataddo offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies configuration with a drag-and-drop user interface and automatic schema mapping. Configuration of even the most intricate replication scenarios is simplified with Dataddo.


Scalability & Transparent Pricing

Dataddo scales together with your growing data demands, guaranteeing optimal performance as your tool ecosystem expands. Consistent and transparent pricing enables you to stay within budget while using a top-of-the-line tool.

Accelerate Migration with Dataddo

See how healthcare provider, Sensire, saved 3 weeks of work and created one source of truth with up-to-date always available.
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Dataddo Helps Reduce Data Costs

French company FoodChéri uses Dataddo to perform CDC-based database replication from their production database to their data warehouse for analysis.
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Empower your data journey and take the complexity and costliness out of data integration. See how Dataddo has done it for other companies...
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Empower Your Organization to Make Data-Informed Decisions

Harness the power of data replication to:

  • Accelerate decision-making with real-time insights.

  • Empower your teams with access to the latest data.

  • Ensure data-driven strategies with accurate and consistent information.

  • Strengthen disaster recovery and business continuity.

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Easily Scalable. Totally Transparent.

Get your data from any source to any destination, including data warehouses, databases, dashboarding tools, or business applications.

  • 5 minute sync frequency
  • Unlimited historical data load
  • Includes ETL & reverse ETL capabilities
  • SSH tunneling available
  • Request new & customized connectors
  • Email support & account manager


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Empower Your Data Journey with Dataddo

Don't let the complexities and cost of ownership of in-house database replication hold you back. Elevate your data game with Dataddo – the all-in-one solution for comprehensive, efficient, and reliable database replication.